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Everything You Need to Know About Shopping With Jennah's Runic Crafts

As part of our ongoing commitment to excellent customer services, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions with their accompanying answers. If you’re looking for additional information about jewelry, crochet and home decor - get in touch today.

What are the payment options?

We use the Wix payments.  We can accept the major 4 credit/debit cards and a few extras.  At this time we do not accept checks or cash.

What is your return policy?

Please reply before 10 days after sale. If you have any issue with any item from the store, please email us with any issues. We will send a return USPS slip and address.  Once the item/s are returned, we will refund/credit your account.

Do you offer gift cards?

At this time, we do not offer gift cards.  We do plan on offering those in the near future.

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